Meet Hive Gamurs👋

A Social Gaming Platform, custom built by Aakash Pereira

Hive Gamurs offers a social platform for professional and casual gamers around the world. One platform for the latest gaming news, updates and guides whilst allowing you to interact and connect with other gamurs.

The platform built by Aakash Pereira contained various features built from scratch for Hive Gamurs including a dedicated gaming deals section for users and individual game pages for users to follow. One stumbling block that was encountered by Aakash was bridging a third-party forum software with the rest of Hive Gamurs. To overcome this, the Hive Gamurs forum was custom built from the ground up by Aakash Pereira to ensure it integrated with other features of the site.

Additionally, a videos section was added to the site by Aakash Pereira to ensure that users had a good platform to promote their own videos and streams to the users of Hive Gamurs.

In terms of monetizing the site, Aakash decided to go down the route of using advertisements from AdSense, self-sold advertisements and a premium service which provided users with benefits whilst using the Hive Gamurs site.

Aakash Pereira's largest project to date, Hive Gamurs was developed using Python, Flask and an SQLite3 database. The project took several months to plan, code from scratch and launch. Hive Gamurs was eventually sold by Aakash Pereira to Jordan of Pardy Networks LTD for an undisclosed amount and is still in operation.

Developed With
Python Flask SQLite3 HTML/CSS Template

Sold to Pardy Networks LTD.

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