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Online Platform for Business Owners developed by Aakash Pereira

MyBusiness is an online platform for business owners from around the world custom built by Aakash Pereira. The site featured an online business directory, job board and trading platform for users to take advantage of.

The trading platform was integrated with PayPal payments by Aakash Pereira to ensure that users had an easy and secure payment method for making any purchases from MyBsuiness. However, this was only in a test environment but showed all signs of working perfectly.

MyBusiness was built by Aakash Pereira as part of his A-Level Computer Science coursework and was his first experience of building dynamic websites. Previously, Aakash had only experienced building static websites with HTML and CSS or managing dynamic sites with third-party software such as WordPress. His previous knowledge of Python and SQL helped him massively with this project.

The experience and knowledge gained by Aakash Pereira whilst building MyBusiness helped him considerably with his other project - Hive Gamurs.

Developed With
Python Flask SQLite3 Bootstrap

School Project. The project is not available to view at the moment.

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