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"Revenue Portal will help you turn your time into money. The biggest problem with many of other similar sites and blogs is that they are focused on recommending sites that will help them make money when you use them. They are after your clicks which in turn helps them generate affiliate commisions. We will only ever write about and recommend services & products that are worth your time."

Revenue Portal was an online money making blog setup & managed by Aakash Pereira. The project was his first steps into online affiliate marketing.

With his years of experience with WordPress, for the setup of blogs and websites (as a content management system), Aakash Pereira setup Revenue Portal as his first steps into online affiliate marketing and to test the waters on a source of passive income. Aakash believed that by trying to help other online users learn about making money online, he could build a blog that was visited daily by a loyal userbase.

Aakash Pereira was able to increase his earnings from referrals and affiliate clicks through the Revenue Portal blog. Ultimately, due to a lack of time for Aakash, he decided that the best action for Revenue Portal was to close down the blog.

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